Thursday, October 8

Papertrey Ink Christmas Make & Take


I'm pleased to confirm that my Christmas Make & Take will go ahead, here are the details for anyone interested in coming along:

Date: Saturday 28 November 2009
Time: 12:00 - 16:00
Venue: Felsted, Essex

There will be a free prize draw & (very) small goody bags to take away with you.  A buffet lunch & refreshments will be provided.  This is a free event which is purely just for fun, unfortunately there will not be any products for sale on the day & I am not affiliated with Papertrey Ink in any way.

1. Stephanie (Me)
2. Kate Lewis
3. Amy Wanford
4. Amanda Boldy
5. Fiona Gibson
6. Ally Ayres
7. Sharon Samuels
8. Sue McDonald
9. Claire Ellen
10. Linda Wright
11. Carole
12. Jacky Scales
13. Joanne Woollacott
14.Jennie Baily
15. Mel
16. Jeannette Eames
17. Magda
18. Alex Hau
19.  Jacky Scales
21. Gemma
22. Taheerah
23. Linda Lloyd
24. Emma Lynne Anderson
25. Emma Hyslop
26. Judith Haig
27. Louise Squires
28. Gina Burman
29. Caryn Davies
30. Dawn Wicks


craftingmanda said...

woop woop cant wait for this really looking forward to it x thanks Steph xx

Scrap Happy said...

I am absolutly gutted - I can't make it - I'll be on holiday! Boo hiss! Can you do me kits anyway - I will pay you for them as I DO NOT expect them for free Steph!

Niki x

Lilacanglia said...

wow thats cheered me up a lot today,
how much is it hun?
Checking wiv hubby tonight to make sure he about to drive me,

Tina said...

I wish you lots of fun girls. :D

Hugs, Tina

Caryn said...

Got any spare sofa's for lil' ol' me?

Caryn xxx

dawnmarieg said...

Aww I'd love to come but I'm away up here in Glasgow (waves). Hope you have a fab day. Dawn Marie.xx

Tab said...

Oh sweetie I am so made up for you that your Make & Take day is going ahead. Totally gutted that I can't come, but if I could I would most deffo be wearing white stilettos LOL :o). Hope that it all goes well, you are such a lovely kind and generous lady........I think I have bigged you up enough LOL.
Big Mwahs!
Tab xxx

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Steph, I would have loved to join you if I wasn't so far away but I wish you a fabulous day - enjoy it!
Clare x

craftyb said...

WOW...whatta gal! You are succcch a trooper for taking this all on! Do you fancy popping to Belfast next time?! bx

Ewik21 said...

oh Stephanie I wish I'll be there....Hugs Ewa
ps thanks for visiting my blog again xoxoxo


Stephanie, you are such a gem, you are a very special lady organizing all this, i can't wait. Hugs Linda x

Ally Ayres said...

Thanks so much for organising this, I cant wait, must remember to get my white stilettos out of the menders before then :lol:

ScrapyCherry said...

oh how I would love to join!!!
but google maps told me I would have to drive 1151km I sadly have to say I can't *cry*

but I wish you soooo much fun!

..::Paulina::.. said...

I wish I lived in the UK! I would SO be there! Be sure to take pictures so us Americans can see all the fun you had! :)

Gvendalen said...

It should be very interesting. It is a pity, that I cannot be there.

Tracey said...

This sounds so awesome Steph. How I wish I could join you but this ocean between us might pose a little bit of a problem. ;) I hope it is a fabulous day!! xx

Jane said...

colour me green......the JEALOUS kind!!!! Sounds soooo GOOD!!! Wish I could come!

scrappyjacky said...

Still hoping to make it Steph.....just gotta convince OH he needs to visit his relatives in Essex before xmas!!!!!!!

jojo79 said...

Thanks for organising Steph, you are so generous. I am really looking forward to it and meeting you.


Katie-Louise Oakley said...

I wish I lived down your end Steph! Hope it all goes well xx

Jane said...

I am soooooooo jealous!
Hope you all have fun!!

The Wife said...

From another Essex girl,(thats said with tongue in cheek!) please can you put my name down. Ta!

jeannettespages said...

Steph add me to your list please, it would be great to see you again especially as you didn't make it to the Jems Weekend.

Andrea said...

Oh I so wish I lived in Essex! I'm sure everyone will have a fabulous time!
Love, Andrea xx

Aimes said...

Well honey I'm gonna have to go shoe shopping for white stilettos aren't I?! Do Office stock them? LOL!!
Translation: I'm free that weekend so count me in! YAY! So hyper excited that I may just burst!

paola said...

I can feel the green monster rearing his ugly head. Pity you dont live in Africa. Have a great time girls!

Katrina said...

Yipeeee!!!! I'm so excited, this has cheered me up no end after such a pants start to the week. It's a way to come but this sounds to good to miss!

I better get shoe shopping, well any excuse! LOL.

Thanks Steph for organising this and to Kate and Aimes for helping out! Such a fab idea and so generous.

Big hugs,

Katrina xx

GEMMA said...

Hi Steph, after my original post saying Coventry was too far away Katrina has offered for me to go with her - so its in reach now!

Thank you so much for arranging this - I'm sure it will take you a great deal of work. Thanks to Aimes and Kate too for helping!

Looking forward to it!

Gem x

Merry said...

Oh this sounds so much fun. I hope there are pictures from the day, so that us from overseas can be part of it. :-)

*LittleMissT* said...

Count me in Steph!! Here's my blog:

Liszha said...

I just wish I lived closer but wish you all a great time.
Can't wait to see the pics.

Rufus said...

I'm Sooooo jealous! Pictures, please lots of pictures! Have tons of fun gals!

ButterflyBeadwear said...

So hope it all goes well Stef.
Unfortnately being in Turkey, means I can't be there-althoughI am hoping that I will be in England around Christmas time. (fingers and toes and what ever else to can cross!!) and it would have been super because the 28th Nov is my 31st birthday, oh what a great way to spend crafting with others!
Hope it goes well and make sure you take plenty of pictures!
Tammy x

Lighty said...

I am very sorry for myself that I can not get to see you))

Joy said...

Gutted I can't be there but looking forward to seeing piccies on your blog - have fun everyone xx

Lee said...

Oh what a special lady you are. Such a pity I live soooo... far away in South Africa otherwise I would definitely be joining you. Have a wonderful time!

Linby said...

Oooh wish I lived nearer - but you have already been my fairy godmother once this year with the share order. Hope you have a good day.

bonnie said...

WOOHOO Steph can't wait!!! :) Bonnie x

Judith said...

I have e-mailed you and hope you will have me. I hope also to bring a friend. x

AuroraDawn said...

Checked the calendar, checked the map

I'm so excited, it will be a bit of a drive but I'll be there :O)

Chris said...

Ohhh.. just got back from holiday and realised what I've missed - if you get any drop outs please could I take a space Stef? You are one very kind lady to be setting this up!

ScrapyCherry said...

I wish all of you soooooo much fun!

Caryn said...

Phew, looks like I made it just in the nick of time!! I'm so excited and cannot wait to meet you in the flesh!! Oo-er! Looks like an amazing line of girlies too - what a fabulous event this is going to be.

Caryn xxx

crazyforcrafts said...

o no i sent u an email i waa really looking forward to it oh well

Debs said...

Wow sounds like you are going to have so much fun. Make sure you take lots of photos so us oop north don't miss out on the fun.

Best wishes Debs xx

scrappyjacky said...

Oh dear....Looks like I'm too late.....maybe next time then....have a wonderful day.

Kip's Cards said...

Hi Steph, I hope you all have a blast at the make and take.
Just wanted to say I have managed to make a start on the kit you sent me, although I struggled to get the scissor's to cut the lovely Martha Stewart
Hope you get a chance to see what I made...
Thank's again your so kind ;0)

Claire Ellen Designs said...

Hi Hun,
I see you have linked my blog already so you know where I am lol ! this is going to be so much fun and i can't wait, thanks so much for your kindness, hugs,
Claire xx

Judith said...

I am so excited That I will be there on the day. I must get the tippex out and whiten those marks on my stilettos.
Thank you I am really looking forward to it. x

simplyfairies said...

Awwww missed it!!!

could you stick me on your reserve liaty, pretty please!! have white stillettos on standby!!

cathcrops said...

Hope you have a really fab day, sadly the 1 saturday I'm allowed out in the the month and 2 things happen at once !
I will be looking out for the next one, please pop me on the list if you decide to do another in the new year ;)

Carolands said...

Oh no, just returned from a short break away to find that I am too late to join in the fun, plus I only live in Brainte, which is a stone's throw away from Felsted, ah well - have a good time everyone. Carol x

scrappyjacky said...

Could you pop me on your reserve list please,Steph.