Monday, December 28

Christmas 2009

I can't believe Christmas is over for another year, here's a picture of Jasmine on Christmas morning haha...

Thank you very much for all my cards and gifts, and also for the Christmas emails, I am sorry I haven't had a chance to reply.

I am cutting back on my crafting in 2010, starting with a big purge of craft stash, which is surprisingly satisfying.  I wish you a very happy and healthy year ahead :) x


ROSA said...

'.' o.\
(.() @.'.
'.0.Q () `-.
/.@ o * . )
`-...-""- '-~'`
_.'` Q.* 0@`-.
'. o * '-.
/.@ ___.~-' ()`\
.( () * Q'.__Q *.'
'-.-' `--._ @ ``-.
_.-' @ -'~'- @ `-.
'.. * -' o 0 `)
/ 0.-~-._ 0 * _.~-.*.'
'._ () '-.____.-'Q '-.
;--'.Q * * o @.'-.
-'.* '.___ ~ - 0 () Q '.
/.@ o * _.''~.._____.--'`-.
'-..._Q 0 () @ * @`;_**
ti auguro un 2010 pieno di sole, viaggi, sogni e progetti da realizzare...
ciaoooo rosa

chantal said...

I wish you and youre family all the best for 2010.
I think everybody is happy with so many gifts under de tree?
hugs Chantal, Belgium

Lighty said...

Marry Christmas!!!

Sara said...

what a great picture! i love your tree!!!! have a happy new year!


Maris said...

ohhh my godness, what a presents, (lol)
hope you have some fine days, and merry christmas for you and your lovely familie xx

Scrapping Mom said...

Wonderful pictue. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Danielle said...

So glad you had a great Christmas Steph - will be sorry to not see you crafting so much :(
Good luck with your new cooking and get fit endeavours - sounds very exciting!! Lots of health & happiness to you too for 2010!!
Hugs, Danielle

Yana said...

OMG! Sanda has dropped all his presents in your house, hasn't he?

Wishing you all the best in the next year! An let all your beginnings will be a sucsess!

Domna said...

So great Christmas tree and so little cute girl! )))
Happy holidays!


Jo said...

Oh my Steph, how long did it take to wrap all of those pressies, they look absolutely fab!! We will miss your crafting Steph. Hugs Jo x

scrappyjacky said...

Glad you had a great xmas...will miss all your lovely cards....but good luck with the cooking...I'm sure you'll love it once you get started.

Tessa said...

sad to read you won't be crafting so much. I have been getting so much inspiration by your cards ♥

HazelQ said...

Wow! So many presents!! Merry Christmas Steph, may 2010 bring lots of blessings for you and your family. It's sad that you're not going craft so much on next year but I send you my best wishes on your new projects :)

Ewik21 said...

Wonderful pictue!!! I was worried abou You ??!!!. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Hugs Ewa

Sandra said...

good luck with your new ventures - I enjoyed visiting you .... and we still love your brothers music!

Lesley said...

Good luck with your new challenges in 2010 Stephanie.
Lesley x

Debs said...

What a gorgeous photo, love it. Not doing as much crafting in 2010 hmmm that's what I said last year and I am still here lol. Have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. Debs xx

Gvendalen said...

Wonderful pic! Jasmine is so cute!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Paula's Crafty Corner said...

Wow, look at all those presents....Good luck on your new adventure, hope it all goes well and is successful for you. Hopefully you are able to show us your lovely and ever so talented work every once in a while this next yr. I get so inspired by your lovely cards.


Paula's Crafty Corner said...

Ohh its me again.....maybe you could reconsider, you items on ebay this time, and allow us folks in the US to bid as well.

Just a suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anesha said...

Wishing you well on your goal for 2010. Good luck. Anesha:-)

Penni said...

Hi Steph

Wow - How many pressies did Santa leave at your house !!!!

I'll miss your crafting - please don't give up on it completely!!!!

Take care and best wishes for 2010.


Melodie said...

What a wonderful christmas tree.

AuroraDawn said...


Wow, it looks like Santa left you all a sack full of presents :O)

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be crafting as much in 2010 - you will be missed, I take a lot of inspiration from your work :O(

Good luck with the cooking and getting fit, both sound like good resolutions to me.

Jemma said...

Hi, could you post a link to all your ebay goodies on here please so I will be able to find them! Can't wait to see what you are clearing out! love looking at other people's treasures!



Jemma said...

Hi, could you post a link to all your ebay goodies on here please so I will be able to find them! Can't wait to see what you are clearing out! love looking at other people's treasures!



Sheng said...

Oh what a lovely little girl. She is so adorable. Oh, and look at all those presents, they must have been so happy!!!

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!!!

xoxo :)

weewiccababe said...

wow what a fantastic tree - and all those pressies!
sorry to hear you're cutting back on the crafting, we love to see everything you make
but good luck with the getting fit and cooking
look forward to seeing what you're selling on eBay

GEMMA said...

Sorry to read you won't be crafting as much next year Steph, but do keep in touch with us all through your blog. Even if it is just to tell us what new recipe you've discovered! Looks like you had great fun on Christmas morning opening all of those presents! Good luck with your new projects. Gem x

Pam said...

Wow how happy does Jasmine look and did you have any un-coordinated presents!!! Cooking is great but doesn't fit too well with the keep fit not in my house anyway! I'm a bit of a cook book collector I love reading them as much as I love crafting!

Hugs Pam x

Kat said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas Stephanie and I will miss you if you are not blogging as much. I'll still keep up with whatever you're doing as you are on my bloglist. Take care and best wishes for 2010.

Kat x

Crafty Cat said...

Wow so many presents! Good luck with the cooking and getting fit, hope you can make time to share a few creations with us! xxx Carol

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous photo :-) Jasmine has the same expression I would have if Santa had left all those pressies under my tree lol :-)

I am sorry you're cutting down on blogging,, I do drop by almost every day ... but I know there is more to life than blogland ;-) Enjoy your family and am sure they will appreciate the new recipes !! :-)

Happy New Year :-)
lols x x

Rachel said...

We will really miss you!!!

Love the pic of your DD, she's just adorable ;0)

Kim. said...

Oh wow what a gorgeous photo of Jasmine and we can all see why she has that face even after she has seen all the presents under the tree lol.
Enjoy the cooking and keeping fit but you and your crafting will be missed.
Happy New Year to you and your family.
Kim xXx

Tany Sol said...

Marry Christmas!!!

Kim Y. said...

awesome pic, Steph! I hear you, I need to cut back as well. Have a happy New Year!

Janis said...

I'm really going to miss seeing all your creations. :( I know I don't always comment, but I do lurk. :) Have a blessed new year and fun new adventures. Hugs! Janis

Merry said...

Happy New you and your family. What a terrific photo of your daughter. So love how you have used just red and gold wrapping. The tree looks stunning. Good luck in your cooking venture and exercising. I have just started my morning walks again and I so love being out and seeing the day start before everyone else. :-)

Shirley N said...

Hi Steph! What a lovely picture--shows how much you're all loved by the looks of all the gifts under the tree! I believe you're an "all or nothing" girl because you've really shown us so much love on your blog, but I'm really bummed that you won't be blogging much next year. You were definitely one of my favs and I was so inspired by your creations! Thank you for a wonderful year, Steph, and I hope 2010 brings you and yours good health and much happiness, too!!! Hugs, Shirley

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Steph, what a gorgeous picture i,m sure you will treasure it.Good luck with the diet and i hope hubby enjoys your new cooking skills.Happy 2010.
Trish (-:

Tracey said...

WOW!! That is a gorgeous tree and a massive stash of gifts! Your girl is too cute too!! I am glad you had a fabulous Christmas Steph. I will miss seeing your crafty goodness as much but I wish you luck with your goal for 2010. Hugs!!

Jessica T said...

Glad you had a great Christmas Steph and what a beautiful tree! not to mention your little cutie-pie sitting in front of it :)
Very sad to hear you wont be getting crafty as much, I really enjoy your stunning creations. Good luck with the cooking (I hear mother-in-laws are great for teaching that kinda stuff) and I'm going to hold out until 2011 to get fit haha cant plan too much for one year ;)good luck to you!
Take care xxxx

Carole RB said...

Hi Stephanie

OMG Santa Clauss left you a lot of gifts. Very nice tree and your little girl is so cute.

Sorry to learn you won't be crafting much in 2010. I will miss your lovely cards.

I wish you good luck with your new projects and I hope that you won't close your blog and that you'll be posting a few times in 2010!

Yvonne said...

Oh such a perfect picture .. just what Christmas is all about , the kiddies. Bless , she looks like "where do I start". such a beautiful tree and amazing wrapping paper ( same as mine) just love this foil wrapping papers, so rich looking!
wishing you and your family all the love and luck in the world as we go into 2010!
Please don't stay away for to long, I will miss your funny take on life!
And good luck with the fitness, f you do as well as in every thing you do in life ... you will walk it hun xx

Rufus said...

Hey Steph,
What a gorgeous tree! Not to mention an adorable Jasmine! Really, really sorry to hear that you'll be cutting WAAAAY back on your crafting. Your cards and projects have always been so much fun to see. Really wish that you'd open up your E-bay goodies to us in the USA! I'd love to "adopt" some of your crafting goodies. Best of luck with your new pursuits. Do post the occasional recipe for us, won't you?

Paolchen said...

Hi Stephanie,

ohhh my godness, so many presents!
The picture is wonderful.
Wish you a happy new year.

Warm Greetings

ScrapyCherry said...

amazing how much gifts you had under the tree !!! and I thought we had much *lol*

Tina said...


I wish you and your family a very happy new year and may all your dreams and wishes for 2010 come true.

Big hugs for you hun,

Tina (from Germany)

Clare said...

Hi Steph,
It looks as though you created the perfect Christmas if the picture is anything to go by. I hope your family had a wonderful time.
Best wishes for 2010 - I think the keep fit is a great idea to go with the cooking!
Hugs, Clare x

Julia said...

What a fab picture, Jasmine looks so happy in the middle of all those pressies! Good luck with the cooking and keep fit, I shall miss your crafting as you are always so inspirational. Will hopefully grab one of your ebay listings! xx

Steph said...

My oh my! So many pressies! And how did you get them all to coordinate? x

Crafty Dawn said...

I love cooking too! this is why I haven't been around much in blog land.

WOW you went mad on the Christmas pressies for the kiddies you like me when it come to everything matching lol all my wrapping paper matched the tree too!

Have a wonderful New Year hun hope we can stay in touch

Love Dawn xx

Katiejane said...

Wow, that's a lot of pressies, I love your gold/red themed wrapping paper...........nice idea! I can't believe you managed to dress the kids before opening the gifts i'm impressed!
Best wishes for the new year, hope you manage to achieve all that you wish to. I look forward to updates on your blog when you get the chance.
Hugs Katie xx

Aimes said...

OK firstly you gotta get yourself some ingredients in that immaculate kitchen of yours if you're gonna be cooking! ;D
Ah what a fab pic of lil' Jasmine - she's sooooo sweet (just as much as Owen of course!) Glad you had a good Christmas!
Thanks so much for the lil' gift and card - you're far too kind hun!
Promise to keep in touch still, even if you're not crafting! I consider you a true, fab friend and I'd hate to lose touch :o(
Oh and if you've any PTI cardstock to sell drop me a line - I'm still trying to get all the colours in everything but focusing on cardstock first!
Here's to a fabulous 2010
Love ya!

Ally Ayres said...

Wow how such a fab piccie, I bet they had fun opening them all.

Sorry to hear you are cutting back, where will I go everyday on my blog trail.

Though of you today, as I trekked around bluewater, of course I had to go into 'The white company' for a spot of sale shopping :lol:

Keep in touch

Love Ally

Nataša said...

I wish you all the best in 2010, Steph!
It was fun following your blog.


sandra said...

Is Santa brought that little Angel under the tree too?lol.

So happy that you had great Christmas!!!
Hope New Year will be great too!!!

Mina said...

oh wow how huge is that present stash it reminds me of when my Daughter was small cant not craft as much Stephanie I will miss my daily fix of your fab work :-(
Mina xxx

Caryn said...

Hiya sweetie. Glad all your efforts paid off and your Christmas was a big success. How did it work out with the food in the end? Would you do it again? I bet by next year your cooking skills will have you rustling up gourmet food like Nigella in no time!! We will miss you and your gorgeous creations - Santa even bought me the sizzix shaker box die so I could copy, erm, be inspired by your fab little boxes.

Hopefully we will stay in touch though, even if your crafting is taking a bit of a back seat for a while. Maybe you could start a "learn to cook with Steph" blog!!!

Have a happy and healthy new year.

Big hugs,
Caryn xxx

Katrina said...

Hi Steph!

Pleased you had a lovely Christmas! Your tree looks fab and look at all those pressies, someone had been good this year! lol.

Sorry to hear you won't be crafing as much, but wish you lots of luck with your other new interests.

Hope 2010 is a very happy, healthy year for you and yours, filled with good times and dreams come true!

Katrina xx

Tonje said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Mali Pering said...

Wow! Beautiful blog! Happy new year!

Gracie said...

Wow look at all those presents! Hope you had a great christmas have a fab 2010 as well!

Sharon said...

Hi Steph
Wow what a fantastic sight on Christmas morning!!love the wrapping paper.
I hit the Nigella cookbooks over New Year & rustled up a gorgeous New York Cheesecake that went down really well on New Years Day. Have been warned by hubby not to get into 'this baking lark' as he doesn't want to pile on the pounds but I find it so theraputic.
Would be nice to see you post some 'Tried & Tested Tasty Recipes' as I love visiting you blog.
All the best for 2010.
Sharon x

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh wow Steph, it all looks magical and I am sure you had a fabulous time.

I will miss your blogging a great deal and please come back and do some posting, even if it's just a little something.

Will go over to e bay and have a look at your crafty items for sale, got some smashers last time, although I am supposed to be on a three month no buy!

Good luck with the cookery and keeping fit - I am sure you will love both.

K xxxx

blog mistrza said...

happy new year!!!:)

sandra tomlinson said...

omg steph dont dissapear completely, your my inspiration, i love coming to look at your gorgeous projects,
the photo is just beautiful, i send you the best of look in whatever you decide to do.
have a fab 2010.
love sandra xxx

sandra said...

I have award for you on my blog!


Eisbärin said...

Hi Stephanie, am a bit late but just stumbled in... had such a busy time since before christmas that I didn't do ny crafting/blogging etc. arg!
Anyway, have just been on ebay and looked through what you have on and bid for quite a lot of it! Mainly the PTI stuff as that is so hard to get otherwise (or rather expensive because f the P&P.... there's me hoping I get them ;-)
Sad to read you are not crafting much anymore but times change, eh? Would have loved to meet you at some point and craft together though... not that far away... oh well, a girl can't have everything.
Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Nishant said...

what a great picture

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