Tuesday, June 28

Out of this World

Because of time restraints, Jasmine's end of year treats for her friends are very simple....

For the boys....

& the girls....

Sadly, Jasmine will be attending a different school to all her pre-school friends so the little note reads....

Recipe: All Supplies Papertrey Ink

With both children at school full time in Septemer I've decided to venture into the fiercely competitive & over-saturated world of Wedding Stationery.  I've spent over £3000 so far on supplies for this venture (more than I could ever recoup) prompting Dean to exclaim that it's merely an extension of my hobby!  Have a great day x


Clare *Littlebear* said...

These are gorgeous Stephanie! Jasmine's friends will love these.
My Daniel starts big school in September too.

Hugs, Clare x

p.s. All the very best for your wedding stationery business. I am sure you will be very successful because your work is so professional and unique.

Lisa said...

Hi Stephanie, These are FAB! I am sure Jasmine's friends will love them :-)

Good luck with the wedding stationery venture. Yes there are lots of people out there doing this but your work is wonderful and I am sure your business will be a success :-)

Lisa x

Yvonne said...

Simple, not, they are so beautiful.
Love the message inside. I am sure her friends will miss her, and your beautiful gifts you have been making them over the years x

~ Ali ~ said...

Perfect litle gifts Stephanie your attention to detail is superb as always sweetie. Wedding stationery sounds fab. i bet you will prove hubby wrong :D

Have a fabulous day sweetie

Ali x

scrappyjacky said...

They don't look that simple to me,Steph....but definately gorgeous.
Your projects are always so beautiful....and with all your contacts....I'm sure you'd be able to be successful with wedding stationary.
Shame that Jasmine's friends are all going to a different school....but I'm sure she'll make lots of new ones once she's there.

Yana said...

With your love to make multiplet items I'm sure your wedding "hobby extension" will have a success!

These little gifts are very cute!

perelka111 said...

Perfect litle gifts Stephanie !!!

Good luck with the wedding stationery venture.

Ann said...

You are such a great Mummy Steph - these are so cute and will be received very excitedly I believe! Just got my lunchbox note die today and looking forward to trying it out. And looking forward to your teacher gifts too. Hmm... Wedding Stationery... something I've always thought I'd love to try as its such a happy occasion - you just need that first bride..... hope it works out for you as I know you will be brilliant at it!

Saxo Stamper said...

Beautiful Steph

and I think you will do brilliantly.... you are so talented.

Good luck with your new venture

k x

Saxo Stamper said...

Beautiful Steph

and I think you will do brilliantly.... you are so talented.

Good luck with your new venture

k x

bonnie said...

Oh this is so yummy to look at! Gorgeous little those cute crayon sets...adorable! I think you would fantastic at wedding stationery and can just picture your beautiful creations now with all the matching ribbons etc...fabulous! You go girl! :) Hugs sweetie x

Caryn said...

If I had a rocket then I would want it to be just like that one - pink and spotty!!

Hope her little friends enjoy their little presents - how cute!

Big hugs,
Caryn xxx

Jo said...

Lovely Stephanie, I hope the kiddies enjoy them, good luck in your venture Hugs Jo x

Debs said...

Aww Jasmine is going to big school. I'm sure all her friends will miss her and your annual goodies but she will make lots of new friends I'm sure.

On the plus side it will give you more time for you and if anyone can make a go of wedding stationery its you. Your work is so unique and your attention to detail is there to see. Good luck Debs xx

Vicki said...

Oh Steph these are lovely, the kiddie winks will just lov'em!

Vicki x

Penni said...

These are gorgeous Steph - you're the best Mummy when it comes to gifts for the little people!!!

Hope your new venture goes well - you'll need something to keep you busy with both your little ones at school. I know you'll miss them loads.

Take care.


Vicki said...

Steph if I can manage to pick up another pack of the Minnie Mouse stickers I will send them to you ;)

Vicki x

Alex said...

Fabulous gifts from the children, can't wait to see your next post with gifts to the Teachers :)

Wedding Stationery - sounds just up your alley - I'll be watching this space!

Alex x

Archies Mum said...

Wow they are brilliant Steph, I'm sure that they will be happily received. Good luck with your venture.

Judith said...

£3000 that must be a wee fib Stephanie. lol love the gifts and go for it with the weddings x

ScrapyCherry said...

lovely as always steph!
waiting for your wedding stationery, maybe I can order them someday :o)


Mandy said...

Oh wow Steph these are fabulous and super cute, I bet you are the kids most popular yummy mummy in the playground lol.
I wouldn't dare add up what I've spent on supplies, that would be way too scary, come on own up how much have you underestimated it by lol
hugs Mandy xx

Tracey said...

These are absolutely fabulous Steph!! What a great gift!! xx

gina g said...

Hi Hunni these are gorgeous just perfect for all of their little friends, I'm sure Jasmine will be fine and soon make lots of new friends. Good luck with your new venture hun whatever you decide on. luv gina xx

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Lovely to visit you again Steph. Its been a while since I blogged and have enjoyed your post. Your children are lucky to have such a thoughtful and talented mummy. Their friends will love their gifts, and you will be a huge success with the wedding stationery, looking forward to seeing it! Hugs Linda x

Kim. said...

These are lovely gifts for Jasmine friends which I am sure they will love. Good luck with your new venture. There are lots of people out there doing this BUT your work is always stunning so I am sure you will be a success.
Kim xXx

Katrina said...

Hi Steph

These treats are gorgeous, so well put together.

I wish you all the very best in your wedding stationery venture. I too took the plunge in Feb this year and set up my own wedding stationery business. It sort of happened off the back of our wedding planning. I'm so glad that I have took this step, it is so enjoyable, I've done a few wedding fairs and it's such a happy time in people's lives. It is competeive and there is lots out there, but a lot of it is printed or just hand finished, I think it is lovely when something is completely handmade. I know I won't appeal to everyone but that's fine as I can only take on so much work too as I work full time as a nurse and am planning our wedding in September, so many projects to complete for that I tell you!

I hope to put more into my venture after our wedding. I too have spent a fortune on supplies etc and yeah hubs to be also questions that it is more for my hobby, but hey if selling some stationery only pays for my hobby, I'm fine with that ;)

Love and best wishes,

Katrina xx

Sarah said...

Such adorable gift sets Steph, they are really sweet and I'm sure Jasmine's friends really love them.

Good luck with the wedding stationary venture too. With your creative flare I do believe that this would be something that you would excel in, not just in the invitations but also little gift packaging as well for the wedding favours or little gifts afterwards.

Sarah xx :0)